Green Waste & Leaf Pickup

The City has worked to educate residents about the revised green waste ordinance. Green waste shall not be placed curbside for municipal collection any earlier than the Friday preceding the scheduled Monday green waste collection.  Any green waste put out early will be tagged, and the homeowner must remove it immediately.  Remaining collection dates: 9/24, 10/8, 10/22.

Residents can also bring green waste, brush and limbs to the dedicated green waste area at the City transfer station at 210 Elmwood Place.  The transfer station is only for green waste generated within City boundaries.

Landscape & tree removal contractors are prohibited from placing green waste at the curb and are responsible for their own disposal.  Contractors performing work in the City can purchase a green waste permit from the City at the designated fee.   Green waste generated from outside the City may not be disposed of at the Sherrill transfer station. 


The DPW provides leaf pick up starting in late October or early November depending on when trees start shedding leaves.  Leaves shall not be containerized or bagged in any form, nor should they be placed on a tarp. All leaves shall be raked to the curb.  Do not place leaves in the roadway, on sidewalks, near hydrants, utility poles, guide wires or utility shut offs as this restricts collection access. Crews will not go on private property to retrieve leaves.  No brush or limbs shall be mixed with leaves.  Green waste collection ends prior to leaf collection. 

September 18th, 2018|