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Please see below for STAR and tax roll information.  Please contact Bob Comis, Assessor at City Hall (315) 363-2440 with any questions.


MARCH 1, 2017 is the deadline for filing certain property tax exemption applications with the Assessor’s office.  Many exemptions including the Senior Citizen’s and Enhanced STAR exemptions do not automatically renew and require annual applications and proof of qualifying income.


The Senior Citizen’s exemption, with far lower income limits than the Enhanced STAR exemption, is normally based on the previous year’s income.  For the Senior Citizen’s exemption, you must provide proof of your previous year’s income.  Form SS 1099 and your tax returns are needed to prove your income level.  Also bring in receipts for your out-of-pocket unreimbursed medical and prescription expenses which are used to reduce your income.  These expenses include dental, health insurance premium payments, eyeglasses, hearing aids and others as defined by the IRS.  


To qualify for Enhanced STAR you must turn 65 during 2017 and be income eligible in 2015.  Those applying for Enhanced STAR may elect to participate in a voluntary program whereby the Assessor’s office is automatically notified in future years by the State regarding income eligibility.  This process is only useful for those filing New York State tax returns.  Applications for the Income Verification Program are available at the Assessor’s office.  This process cannot be used for any other income-related exemption including the Senior Citizen’s exemption.


If you purchased a residence in Sherrill PRIOR TO MAY 1, 2014 and have NOT previously applied for the Basic STAR exemption, you may qualify for this significant property tax exemption designed to lower your school tax bill.  The residence must be your primary residence to qualify for Basic STAR. Renewal to continue the Basic Star exemption is NOT necessary.


**IMPORTANT STAR CHANGES:  For those homeowners that purchased their property after May 1, 2014 both the Basic and Enhanced STAR programs have changed.  For more information visit the following links:


Bob Comis, City Assessor, has set the following dates and times to process exemptions at City Hall by the March 1 deadline:  January 10 &11 9am-12pm for Enhanced STAR; All exemptions, February 1 & 2, 7-9, 14-16 & 22-24 & 28, 9am-12pm; changes to this schedule, if necessary, will be posted at  An appointment, if more convenient, can be scheduled by contacting Bob at 264-6362.  Sherrill residents can receive some of the same services that they receive from the Sherrill Assessor’s Office at the Vernon Assessor’s office, including assistance relating to exemption applications.  The Vernon Assessor’s hours are Monday & Thursday, 9am-2pm through the month of February.  Call Frank Laguzza at 829-2587.




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