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Enhanced STAR Exemption Changes

The State has changed the filing requirements for property owners currently eligible for the Enhanced STAR Exemption who are NOT CURRENTLY enrolled in the Income Verification Program (IVP).  Most likely you are not enrolled in the IVP program, if you come in to either the City of Sherrill or Town of Vernon’s Assessor’s offices each year and need to bring in proof of income.  You can also contact the Vernon office at (315) 829-2587, to determine if enrolled in the IVP program.  Under the new rule those NOT enrolled in the IVP program or those that will become eligible for Enhanced STAR in 2019, a renewal or first-time application form needs to be completed by March 1, 2019 and you MUST enroll in the IVP program. One advantage of the IVP program is that it renews automatically each year as long as a New York State Tax return is filed.

If you are a Senior that has or will be eligible for a Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Senior Citizens this exemption MUST now be applied for SEPARATELY from Enhanced STAR. Income amounts for this exemption are much lower than that of the Enhanced STAR exemption.  The Partial Senior Exemption must be renewed each year by your Assessor. Contact your Assessor if you are not sure you are receiving this property tax exemption.

Please contact Bob Comis, City Assessor at (315) 264-6362 with any questions and download more information here-Enhanced STAR brochure


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Bob Comis is the Assessor for the City of Sherrill.  An appointment can be scheduled by contacting Bob, (315) 264-6362.  Property owners considering construction this year are welcome to meet with Bob to discuss the potential change to your City assessed value.


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